About the Journalism Agenda

📷 What 

The Journalism Agenda is an alpha-stage five-year programme aimed at advocating solutions for the #globaljournalismcrisis.

Primarily, calling for 0.7% of world aid flows to be directed towards independent, investigative journalism, via revenues from a permanent press fund.

JA builds Open Newsroom concepts on top of funding neutrality approaches.


🕔 When

Initiated in 2015, this originally ten-year programme has suffered the usual start-up delays, so must aim at a shortened timeframe. 

An updated roadmap towards 2025 is needed, but ideas for an original timeline overview can be read here


🌏 Where 

JA2025 is based in New Zealand, and has a global focus.


✍ Why 

Evidence of news crises most famously come via fake news, promoting fake wars and fake economies.

News crises stem from a global journalism crisis - with tens of thousands journalists sacked worldwide. 

Journalism has not kept pace with globalisation, nor serves the needs of a global citizenry, facing planetary threats such as global warming, and pandemics. 


🎤 How  

Planetary crises demand planetary responses.

Aid, grants, donations and other revenue will be focused on a permanent, planetary trust fund. A supporter who donates $1, for example, will see their money permanently invested in ethical funds, with Journalism Agenda 2025 drawing from dividends and interest, after inflation.

Early stage funding will be sought to cover operational costs. 


👤 Who  

Initially volunteers, with founder Jason Brown inviting co-founders aboard.

Long term, JA2025 envisions partnerships with existing journalism outlets, under mutually agreed ethics and other transparency and accountability approaches.

This approach includes non-profits, social enterprises and citizen journalists. 


This article was updated on December 3, 2020